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A Few Best Men

Laura Brent, Rebel Wilson, Olivia Newton-John, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl

English backpacker, David, falls in love with Australian Mia on an island during a holiday. He proposes after only ten days! They decide to get married in Australia. David goes back to England to gather together his 3 best friends and get to Australia for the wedding.

Things go wrong the minute they arrive, due to the behaviour of his best men. Things continue to go wrong throughout the wedding (getting wasted, stealing a prize sheep, being chased by a psycho drug dealer) and David has to try and pull everything together to save his newly married status.

I hated this movie from the start. Why so many stereotypes just because it’s set in Australia? Of course, a sheep, all Australians have sheep in the house! And the absurdly powerful, over-protective and overly dominant father-in-law – what a cliche! The mother-in-law was played by Olivia Newton-John. She got quite good reviews for her part which I just can’t understand as I think she is appalling in this film. Her lines are stiff and largely absurd.

When some-one gets married in a romantic comedy film there is often: a scarey father figure; an elegant but drunk mother; a homosexual sibling; or a sibling who breaks the mould. Bingo – they are all here, all cliches filled!

Now saying that…the film did get quite a few laughs out of me. This was largely due to Kris Marshall who I find very funny and likeable, and Rebel Wilson, who’s a great actor. But don’t get me wrong, I laughed, but wouldn’t watch it again.